The right attorney can make a world of a difference

So recently we had to look for an attorney after we needed to take care of some legal matters for our company and we went through the whole process of interviewing different lawyers to find the right fit. We must of talked to 5 different lawyers with all of them basically saying that they are the best at what they do. From my experience working with a lot of different lawyers they all say this and very rarely do they live up to their own billing. This one time I dealt with a lawyer who was so bad that he made the situation worse than from before. He couldn’t find any of the paper work, was impossible to get in touch with and was just never organized. When I first met with him it seemed like a right fit for what I needed but boy was I wrong. When dealing with an attorney you want to make sure that you stay on top of them no matter how good they say they are. You are paying them to get a job done and correctly and even though you may not be skilled with legal terms, you need to communicate with them and if you don’t understand anything make sure you ask them what it means.  There are times when people will just go along with what the attorney is telling them without even knowing what they are talking about. In my dealings with an attorney the first time I made sure to ask a lot of questions as I wanted to make sure I understood what he was doing and to make sure he wasn’t doing anything I did not agree with. In regards to my last attorney search, went through the process of interviewing all of the candidates and settled on one with I felt was the right fit. So far he has been great and has helped with our issues. He has made sure to keep me updated with what is going on and has taken the time to explain everything to me. If you are in the process of looking for a lawyer, make sure you settle on one that is the right fit as it will make everything a lot easier for you.


OneDesk Launches Social Business Software

If you have ever been through the development process you know how difficult it can be. You want to create a UI and UX that will be easy for your users to use and has a good overall flow. Back in the day it would take you a couple of weeks if not months to see how well your product is doing in the market but today you can instantly see how well your business is doing. Just recently a new SAAS company called OneDesk launched that has created a new type of social software that helps connect employers, partner and customers to the development process. It offers a suite of tools from social media monitoring to see what your customers are saying as well as portfolio management. Three features that they offer that got me really interested in the product is the innovation management, feedback release and customer feedback. You put these three different things together then you have the basis to help you from the idea, to the product release and finally to the customer feedback. Having these tools come together gives you a one stop place where you can work on improving your product by being able to listen and engage with your customers about ideas and products from your company. There is a small monthly fee to use OneDesk but as you can see that if you are serious about your service or product, these set of tools they offer will help you improve upon it.

Patent Dog Fights

I’m sure you have been reading in the news about the patent fights that have been going on between companies like Google and Apple that are fighting it out in the mobile space. Just last week there was another big patent lawsuit filed by Yahoo against Facebook. In the suit it said Facebook was infringing on 8 patents owned by Yahoo which included things from messaging to advertising. Then this week Facebook acquires 750 patents from IBM to now help protect itself from other companies looking to make a quick buck since Facebook is going public. My thoughts on software patents is that most of them are bogus. If you read through some of these patents they cover the most simple of things that I consider not to be “ground breaking.” To me it seems like the whole patent system is flawed and in need of a refresh. I think there needs to be a stop to patent trolls who sit on patents they have acquired and charge outrageous licensing fees on companies that are trying to create great products. I understand that people that come up with an idea first need to be protected by some of these patents shouldn’t of been granted in the first place. It will be interesting to see what happens with some of these lawsuits as people look more into these patents and see that there really isn’t any real innovation going on and is just basic features. It’s hard for some software companies to grow as a company because they will most likely have to deal with patent trolls who are trying to make a quick buck off of people who are actually trying to build something great. We can only hope that there will be some changes to the patent system!

New Men’s Fashion Site Launches

With Black Friday just around the corner I thought I would highlight a favorite commerce site of mines. MaxtonMen, which recently just launched, is a men’s accessory site where you can find all types of high design products. Some of the types of products they sell include cufflinks, ties, wallets, pocket squares and everything else a man needs keep their style to where it needs to be. Price wise everything is under $100 which is great. You go to other sites like Banana Republic you need to take out a loan to buy some of their things. This Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, I recommend you checking out MaxtonMen for yourself or for that special guy in your life.

EarthTangle Launches

This week there has been a lot of different news about social networks from Google’s new social network Google+ to Twitter announcing that they have offer 200 million tweets a day. One other big news from this week in regards to social networks is the launch of EarthTangle. EarthTangle is a brand new social network dedicated to those that are interested in environmental and social issues around the world.

When you first visit EarthTangle one of the first things you will notice is a giant map. This map shows the locations of all of the members on EarthTangle and makes it really easy to find people near you. I love this feature and it really helps EarhtTangle standout compared to the other social networks out there. EarthTangle offers a lot of other great features that makes it easy to share your lives with your network from photo sharing to video sharing. Another unique feature that other social networks don’t have is the fact that it is dedicated to environmental and social issues around the world. They offer a news and blog section that is dedicated to the latest info so you’re able to stay up to date with what’s going on around the world. Again this is another feature I love because this social network is dedicated to a cause of helping make the world a better place.

When you have time I highly recommend checking out EarthTangle and signing up for a free account.

Tips on Contact Management

The need to manage your contacts is extremely important as it will help increase productivity while making it easier to find a contact. Below is a simple video on how you can easily remove duplicate contacts from Outlook, Gmail and MobileMe.

New Site to Find Local Contractors for Home Projects

I recently had to update my kitchen and was looking for a local contractor in my area and I tried out a new service called Need2Remodel. Need2Remodel is a vertical search engine specifically for searching for local contractors in your area to help you with your home remodeling projects.

Well I heard about this site from a friend of mines who used it and recommended me to try it out when he found out I needed help with my kitchen remodeling project. Well I went to the site and I liked the way it was designed and worked. It’s a very clutter free design with no ads which is very rare to websites these days. Their main goal is to find you the right contractor and that’s it. Also the search capability is very easy to use and you’re able to really target your searches and allows you to find the exact type of contractor you’re looking. After the search is completed the results come out very cleany and I what I really enjoyed was when you click on a results it shows the business card of the business which made it easy for me to get all of the contact info I needed. If you have a home remodeling project I recommend giving Need2Remodel a try!

Scrubly Launches to the Public

Duplicate contact remover Scrubly recently launched to the public. Scrubly allows users to easily remove duplicate contacts from their Gmail, Outlook and Mobileme address book. Here is more information from them directly:

After about 8 months of development and countless hours of feedback from our amazing beta testers for whom we are incredibly grateful, today we made Scrubly available to use in the open market. We’re super excited to get your feedback as we continue to improve the way Scrubly makes address book cleanup and removing duplicate contacts effortless.

Scrubly supports duplicate removal for Outlook for PC, Mac Address Book, Gmail and Google Apps Contacts. Give it a try, we’d love to hear how Scrubly works for you.

Tool to Remove Duplicate Contacts

If you’re like me an have a lot of contacts in your address book there’s a good chance that you’ll have duplicate contacts. Well recently I was introduced to this new tool called Scrubly that helps you delete duplicate contacts in your address book. It’s really simple to use. All you do is sign up and start a scan and it will go through all of your contacts and pull out any that it thinks are duplicates. You then review and decide if you want to remove it from your address book.

Scrubly is a cloud based tool that offers a lot of tools for your address book. Scrubly will remove duplicate contacts, easily merge and resolve conflicts with your address book, eliminate duplicates across folders, and it automatically backs up your address book. If you’re looking for a great tool to manage your address book I highly recommend you checking out Scrubly.

We’ve Finally Relaunched with more features

After months of development, we’ve finally finished the changes to Decipho! The biggest feature we’ve added to Decipho is building a social network into search. We’ve got all the basic social network features added and you can now do your web searches with your friends.

One of the main features Decipho has is filtering search results by tags. By doing this users have the ability to narrow keyword searches by tags given by other users and themselves. For example, if you do a search for “web 2.0” and type in “news” into the tag search bar:

When the results come back, it only displays websites within this search that were given the tag news by other users. The Community Tags link next to the displayed search results allow users to view all of the tags given for a particular website as well as a percentage breakdown of how many times someone tagged a website a certain tag-word. At the bottom it will show the breakdown of tags used for a particular keyword search. If a tag was given to a particular website and it does not appear in the keyword search breakdown, it is because the tags were loaded from their browser or they may have used our bookmarklet.

Another unique feature we offer is the My Results section. While logged into their account, when a keyword search pulls up a website the user has already ranked for another keyword search, the system will pull out that search listing and display it at the top right side (next to general results) even if it is listing number 50. This will help our users narrow their searches by tags and will only display results that match particular tags.

Another addition is the Friends section in the search results. Every time a user does a search while logged in, Decipho will process all of the results and search for any websites that were tagged by a friend. If it finds a match, it will pull out the result and place it in the Friends Results section while displaying which friends tagged this website, what they tagged it as and any notes they added about it.

Also in the user admin area users can network and befriend other users. Users can browse user-profiles within Decipho; they can view the websites other users tagged and any websites they may own. Another way of finding and adding friends is through the section where Decipho suggests friends to users that have similar search and tag behaviors. Within the Friends section, users can also see who has befriended them and who has befriended other users. Users also have the ability to make their account private so other users cannot see them, or they can make certain tags and websites private while still being able to add friends.

Hope you check it out and like the changes we’ve made!